Photo Gallery

Downtown Arts Center
Lexington's skyline!
We feature classic
artworks as well!
Lexington offers a plethora
of corporate job opportunites!
Lexington was once known
as the "Athens" of the West
The new courthouses offer a sense of power and
justice to an otherwise artsy downtown area.
Our old courthouse now serves as the home
base of the Lexington Historic Society.
The 5/3 Bank building is the
tallest in town! We call it
"The Big Blue Building" effectively tying it to the
pride of our city, the Kentucky Wildcats!
Cheapside is the center of nightlife
in Lexington these days. History buffs
would truly have a blast discovering
Cheapside's dark secret.
The Convention Center hosts
a vast array of events from career fairs,
to gun shows, and everything in between!
The Henry Clay Monument allows
the Great Pacificator to observe the city
that he helped to build.
Lexington offers a taste of
the city, but in our city you're never
more than fifteen minutes from
the beautiful bluegrass countryside.
Spindeltop Hall is a definite
perk for UK Alumni, just one more
reason to attend the
University of Kentucky.
The Kentucky Horse Park
is going to host the 2010 World
Equestrian Games! This is the Olympics
for Horses.
In Kentucky it isn't entirely
uncommon for horses to live better
than people do, but Team Gnas
will make sure that in your case
this doesn't happen!
The Horse Park offers amazing
statues depicting the great champions
of the past. The greatest
champion, Man o' War, is
buried here.
The New Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park, courtesy of their website.
Maria Gnas
Maria Gnas
443 Darby Creek A Lexington KY 40509