Home Inspectors


By Maria Gnas, Realtor  

Whether you own an old home or a brand new one, there are a number of things that can fall short of requirements and expectations during a home inspection.  If not identified and dealt with, any of these items could cost you dearly in terms of repairs and loss of time and could eventually culminate in a failed contract.

In most cases, you can make a reasonable pre-inspection yourself.  If you know what you are looking for, you can help yourself by preventing little problems from becoming big costly and unmanageable problems. 

To help home sellers deal with this issue before their home is listed, I have compiled a list of commonly scrutinized items in and about your home by prospective buyers and home inspectors. 

Being aware of any shortcomings in your home and getting these resolved prior to listing your property for sale will not eliminate all problems but it will help you as a seller know what to expect when a potential buyer makes an offer on your home. 

Knowing what you can or cannot repair will ultimately help you price your home within a reasonable market range depending on the location and physical condition of your home. 

The following is a list of ten things commonly scrutinized by buyers and home inspectors.  I hope this will help you scrutinize your own home through the eyes of your future potential buyers and their home inspectors.

Maria Gnas
Maria Gnas
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